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Many brands are making significant monetary and human resource commitments to reversing climate change. In order to have an influential role and for those commitments to warrant public trust, traceability is essential. We offer brands the ability to take charge of their supply chain. Geni Hub is the tool and CDI is the strategy. The first step is to contact us to for a free consultation and to learn more about how CDI’s suite of services can regenerate your brand.

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The CDI Strategy

CDI, powered by Geni Hub cloud marketplace and accountability tracking system, engages food companies and customers with custom strategies for engaged, regenerative supply chains with full traceability.

Phase #1


Learn more about how CDI can regenerate your brand’s supply chain with Geni Hub.

Phase #2

Growing Roots

Engage your supply chain with direct data and transaction flow, live automated accounting.


Phase #3


At CDI, Geni Hub is the CRM for your supply chain, built with scalable, real-time engagement and support.


Phase #4


Using proven content branding strategies, global marketing is automated, targeted, and built-in to Geni Hub.

Geni Hub: How CDI Regenerates Your Brand’s Supply Chain 

Subscription-based Geni Hub is a scalable SaaS model for commerce, live accounting, CRM and tracing, and bank-agnostic transaction settlement. With military-level cybersecurity, including all levels of CMMC best practices, compliance, real-time threat intel, hunting, trapping, and third-party risk management, CDI’s Geni Hub is a master key to the supply chain.